CPR Arizona is your one stop source for on site quality CPR, First Aid, Automatic External Defibrillator, Oxygen Administration, and Bloodborne Pathogens - Preventing Disease Transmission from a certified professional.
CPR Arizona is your one stop source for quality and professional on site safety and health training. We provide safety
and health training for any type or size business or organization. The training can be designed and tailored to meet the
needs, wants and schedules of the business or organization at your location.

All courses are taught by a certified instructor, meet
OSHA Standards and US DOT FRNS & ECC Guidelines. Some
courses receive certification by the
American Heart Association. All courses are instructed using multiple learning styles
and are suitable for both adults and youth.

Safety and health training courses can help your employees or members stay prepared for emergencies and life
threatening situations. They are designed and provide visual and hands on practical experience for the skills and
confidence to be able to respond in emergency situations.

CPR Arizona's courses include: First Aid, CPR (Adult, Child & Infant), AED (Adult & Child), Professional CPR,
Bloodbourne Pathogen, and Wilderness and Remote First Aid.
Whether you want safety and health training for your employee or members because they
work with the elderly, children, the public, or to meet contract and/or safety requirements,
or you have or want to have an emergency response team, they are medical professional,
or you simply want them to know how to respond in an emergency and help. Then
can help you.

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